Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2. Wexford - Ballinesker Beach & Curracloe Strand

A little known fact is that Wexford is home to the only successful liberating land invasion in Irish history. This liberating land invasion was nothing to do with the 1798 rebellion, when more than 16,000 Wexfordites, led by a priest (a profession not usually known for its military prowess), managed to wrestle control of three of the four major county towns before being defeated on a hill named after a table condiment.
No, instead the liberating land invasion took place when Hollywood came to Wexford and filmed the Normandy landings, with Tom Hanks, Matt Damon’s dead fictional brother and Triple X storming Ballinesker Beach and Curracloe Strand. In doing so, they gained a foothold in France and begin the slow repulse of Germany’s Western Front before finally Saving Private Ryan. While D-Day didn’t actually take place in Wexford, a win is a win is a win, as any of their county hurlers will tell you.
Situated on Ireland’s sunny south-east, the two Blue-Flag*-waving beaches, along with their nearby neighbours of Courtown, Morriscastle, and Rosslare, make up the true Costa del Sol of the Irish coast and this winning combination of white sand, fresh waves and occasional bursts of sun is why Wexford beaches are amongst some of the most popular in the country.
*The Blue Flag: A certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education that a beach meets its stringent standards of being kept entirely clear of soiled nappies, Choc Ice wrappers and half-broken bottles of Budweiser.

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